From romance to real life! Following Katie Thurston’s dramatic Bachelorette relationship

From romance to real life! Following Katie Thurston’s dramatic Bachelorette relationship and Blake Moynes, the pair have been focusing on real life, managing jobs and living in different countries.

“I’m, like, totally winging my life right now,” the former Bachelorette 30 said to DailyGossip of her excitement at the prospect of reuniting her with Canada born native of 31 when she was backstage at Whitney Cummings’ Touch Me Tour on the 22nd of October, Friday. “I will be leaving tomorrow morning in San Diego at, like 6 am in the morning. Therefore, I’m heading back to my home after the comedian show at Anaheim, California] at an early time.”

Since their telecast engagement that was broadcast in August on ABC They have been working to blend their lives as well as managing long distance.

Katie Thurston Is 'Winging' Her Life in the midst of a whirlwind Blake Moynes's Engagement, and Making Long-Distance Work
Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston ABC/Randy Holmes

“We’re figuring it out,” the Bachelor season 25 alumni stated. “We aren’t sure. It’s a new concept to us. I’m just focused on myself while he’s focusing on himself, and if we can do that good, then that’s great.”

Moynes who is located in Canada and has been helping to save rhinos in Africa in the past month, however, he still managed to help his friend who performed her stand-up debut at 39-year-old female Brain performer’s Friday night show.

“The expression you make when you realize that your fiancé is bigger than you! ,” the wildlife manager posted on Instagram on Wednesday the 20th of October. “S–t I was thinking that going on a date with a group brought me these … It’s true that I do not think I’ll ever attempt stand-up comedy. I am so proud and thrilled for the Katiethurston !”

While exuding praise for her husband’s love for her while praising her beau’s support, the Washington native said she was the most enthusiastic over “not traveling back and forth” and getting married “eventually.”

“I was surprised [over his post],” Thurston said to Us. “I think being so openly supportive, it really did a lot. It was”You have huge balls. It’s the power of p–sy, isn’t it?”

Moynes was a contestant in Season 16 on The Bachelorette, returned to the show in The fifth week trip to meet the well-known TikToker. After a lengthy romance, the couple became engaged in the finale of season 17.

“I think everyone can agree that this is exactly who I was supposed to be with,” Thurston said in his After the Final Rose special that aired in August. “He was determined to be here for me and decided to remain even though I’m telling him in front of his face that I’m considering abandoning him. He was strong enough to stay with us until the end I’m truly blessed. I love him so much.”

Since then, their relationship has remained strong Moynes has also met Thurston’s cat Tommy They also went to their country of origin.

“I don’t think people fully understand what it’s like to date someone from another country and the rules behind that and the visas behind that,” the former bank’s marketing manager explained in an Instagram Story video on the 25th of August. “I think right now Blake can only be here for 60 days before having to go back to Canada, so we really do have a lot we have to look into — and we just haven’t yet — before we can plan really anything else.”

Friday’s standup performance held at The City National Grove of Anaheim was the first time the Bachelorette season 17’s lead attempted to do stand-up comedy before a real audience. her “Good for You” podcast host persuaded her to speak to her on a September episode.

“Look, I wanted to bail a thousand times, and somehow I am still sitting right here about to do it,” Thurston admitted. “Truthfully I believe that [Whitney was more convinced of me than myself. I thought”OK she’s pushing me and I’m thinking”I’m not able to refuse this chance. It will never be repeated. This is why I’m here. I’m not sure how I came to be here but I am here at the moment.”

The report is by Hannah Kahn

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