“Friends” Maggie Wheeler Says Janice and Chandler Should have gotten married Together in a hilarious TikTok

The one in which Janice weighs in! About 17 years after Friends finished its 10-season series, Maggie Wheeler still has thoughts on a particular storyline.

The Friends alumni, who are 60, was a surprise appearance in an TikTok song written by user @jaxwritessongs who wrote a touching song from the cheetah-print-loving character’s point of view.

“So no one talks about the one mistake on Friends,” the New Jersey-based songwriter sang in a clip on social media on November 23, 2012 in a reimagining of the sitcom’s iconic theme song. “The most beautiful couple on the show did not make it to the final episode. Chandler [Bing as well as Monica [Geller] got along well, however I believe Chandler ought to have been with someone else.”

Then, Wheeler popped into the frame and sang her character’s famous catchy phrase: “Oh my Gawd!”

She sang the following section of the musical number “Chandler I’ll stay with your when both you and Monica divorce. I’ll wait for you, and you’ll be glad to know that you’ve always loved me more than anyone else. You love me, Chandler Bing!”

"Friends" Maggie Wheeler Says Janice and Chandler Should have gotten married Together in a hilarious TikTok
Chandler and Janice in ‘Friends’. Courtesy TBS/YouTube

The Parent Trap actress also posted this social-media collaboration on Instagram in a post that reads, “I had the best time creating this video with @jax. @jax Jax !

Wheeler has previously appeared as one of the former lovers who were the love interests of Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) in the NBC sitcom’s first season prior to his subsequent reunion in a relationship with Monica Geller (Courteney Cox). After her time as a voiceover actor in the show’s cult success, Wheeler has since been vocal about her memories.

“I was always a surprise on Friends,” the Archer former star recalled in an appearance during an appearance on Access Live. “They always sneaked me into the show at the very last moment. It’s like they let me in and I believe that episode was a huge success, and evidently, Janice made people happy and they kept coming back and keeping me coming back. It’s true, nobody was I to know when I set out to create the first episode, that it would be a success? it was the most wonderful joy.”

In the past when she was a teenager, she New York native even recalled her own creation of Janice’s distinctive voice due to the fact that the singer “knew that girl and met her a million times.”

The Breakdown actress even got together with her former co-stars in the spring of this year to appear on HBO Max’s reunion show on telecast.

“Oh what a gorgeous morning! I was straight to HBO maximum before I was up,” Wheeler captioned a number of Instagram pictures at the time of the reunion tape. “What an amazing show. It was an evening to cherish in every aspect. I’m thrilled for the viewers who have the opportunity to experience this journey through time!”

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