FreedomPop Introduces Privacy Phone

FreedomPop believes that privacy is a right that absolutely anyone has. This is why the company has recently introduced its Privacy Phone. 

FreedomPop has introduced a smartphone and mobile service that promises to offer fully secured voice and text message.

The service costs $10 a month, TechCrunch reported. According to the company, people accessing this service can be absolutely sure that they will enjoy privacy. 

To be able to ensure that, the phone comes with a fully encrypted communications feature.

The device has also become well known as the Snowden Phone. It is believed to be the perfect product for anyone concerned about privacy. 

The release of such a device is not shocking at all, having under consideration the series of abuse cases announced so far. Spying and surveillance cases have actually raised concern among people who think that their right to privacy can be violated at any time. 

When it comes to the features of the phone, the FreedomPop Private Phone is actually considered to be a redesigned Samsung Galaxy II. Reports reveal that it can be purchased at $189 without a contract. It uses 128-bit encryption to protect the phone, for voice and text messages. Data is protected with a VPN or virtual private network. 

“In light of recent violations in consumer’s privacy across social networks and mobile devices, privacy is becoming increasingly important to many Americans and we all have a right to communicate anonymously.” the chief operating officer of FreedomPop, Steven Sesar, claimed, TechCrunch reported. 

“Large carriers don’t have the flexibility, desire or creativity to invest in privacy. We don’t agree with this approach and felt it was up to us to create a truly private mobile phone service at an affordable price,” he added.  

For extra privacy, customers will naturally have to pay more. The device will also come with a kill switch to ensure protection in case the smartphone is lost or stolen, when data is deleted and the phone becomes inoperable. 

FreedomPop is just one of the companies which focuses on introducing to the market smartphones that come with an enhanced level of security. Earlier, it was announced that Silent Circle and Boeing are also working at smartphones that can protect data. “Privacy is a right not a privilege,” FreedomPop claims. 

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