Free Mobile Internet brought to Zambia by Facebook

Facebook has always shown interest in free Internet. The famous social network has various times revealed that they want to bring free Internet to people from all over the world. They might have achieved that purpose in Zambia. 

Well, on Thursday Facebook announced the release of the app. This is a new app that promises to provide Internet services for free. The app is specially created for the places that have traditionally little Internet access. In other words, Facebook will actually become an Internet provider in Zambia. 

So, the new service that Facebook will provide in certain areas will come as a new app. The official announcement was made by the social network on Thursday. The new app is called, it has been revealed. A blog post came from Guy Rosen, the product management director of Facebook, to detail the new product. 

This message revealed that at the moment only 30 percent of the world’s population actually is connected to the Internet. Naturally, Facebook wants this percentage to grow. And they believe that the simplest way to connect to the Internet is through mobile devices, which are easier to access by anyone. 

The new app will offer free Internet services to users including here access to basic health information, access to employment data, as well as general information that can be found on the web. To be able to offer these services, Facebook has actually partnered with Airtel, a famous wireless operator. An important thing to be mentioned in this context is that while certain apps can be accessed for free, others will require users to pay.

This is not the first time when Facebook announces to have partnered with wireless providers. Actually, over the years, the social network has several times been in such a situation. However, now the company made a change, as it will offer users Internet services that are extended beyond accessing the social network. 

It is expected for the new service to start being accessible all over the world. The use of the service is set to start in Zambia, but will be available in other locations, too, Facebook claims. 

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