Freddy Mercury Honored With Special “Angry Bird”

Rock legend Freddy Mercury was honored with a special “Angry Bird” animated video which was released on Monday. The illustration set on Queen’s “Bicycle Race” was created for the artist’s birthday on September 5, according to a recent report published by the Rolling Stone magazine.

The late frontman of the famous rock band Queen is celebrated each year with a special Google design on his anniversary. This year, however, the creators of “Angry Birds” chose to honor the deceased singer by producing an “Angry Bird” with his features and a video inspired by the song “Bicycle Race”.

On September 5th, the late frontman’s birthday, “Angry Birds” fans will be able to play their favorite game using the Freddy Mercury-inspired character. This celebration is meant to determine people to contribute to the fundraiser that will be organized by Queen members, Brian May and Roger Taylor. This is the third year when the two singers host the “Freddy for a Day” fundraising event. The received money will be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the organization that is preoccupied about AIDS research.

The animated video announcing the introduction of the Freddy Mercury-inspired “Angry Bird” has already been released on the Internet. The video begins with a close up of the celebrity lookalike bird wearing the artist’s famous moustache and a king crown. The images are synchronized to the lyrics of the song “Bicycle”; thus, the musician and other birds from the well-known game are riding a wooden bicycle through the jungle when they come across a crowned pig.

The evil character of the game tries to oppose Freddy Mercury, but after a minute’s pondering, his shiny crown begins to fade away and the helpless pig realizes there is no way he could measure up to the artist’s reputation. The Freddy Mercury bird compares his shiny jeweled crown to the one of the pig and reveals a row of big teeth in a sadistic grin before continuing his bicycle ride. In the end, the organizers of the fundraising event invite people to make donations on Freddy’s anniversary. 

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