Frances Bean Cobain starts modeling

Frances Bean Cobain, the 19-year-old daughter of Courtney Love and late Nirvana guitarist, Kurt Cobain, has recently started her modeling career. She has already posed for photographer Hedi Slimane and Rocky Schenck. Fashion Director Amina Akhtar talked to the Rolling Stone magazine about how “stunning”, “sexy”, “beautiful” and “confident” Frances reveals herself to be.

The latest photo shooting of Frances Bean Cobain was done by photographer Hedi Slimane. The photos, all black and white, show a woman that looks older than 19, in a rebellious state, smoking, showing off tattoos and appearing to keep something to herself at all costs. In one of the photos, she is smoking against a fence and leaning against a ripped American flag. In another photo she reveals a tattoo on her hand saying “L’art est la Solution du Chaos” (“Art is the Solution Chaos”).
In August, Cobain posed for fashion photographer Rocky Scenck. The photo session was inspired by the 50’s movie star look. Scenck has also worked with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Annie Lenox. Looking at the photos, Fashion Director Amina Akhtar told Rolling Stone that Cobain is “stunning”, but she also has a bit of nostalgia incorporated in her looks. “I mean, who doesn’t remember the early nineties and where they were when they found out about Kurt?”, she explained. “We all remember her growing up, and now she’s come out into her own as this sexy, beautiful woman”, Akhtar continues and outlines that the thing that struck her was the confidence and the strength she recognized in the 19-year-old.
Frances Bean Cobain is standing on her own feet since 2009, when her mother, Courtney Love has lost custody of her. Her father, famous musician Kurt Cobain, was found dead in 1994, after shooting himself in the head. Courtney Love said at the time that he had tried to kill himself before, by overdosing. Frances was only two years old.

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