Fox News Urges Petraeus To Run For President

Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes urged General David Petraeus to run for President, but the former CIA director rejected the offer. According to the media tycoon, Petraeus could do a lot better as the President of the United States than Barack Obama has done so far.

After resigning from his CEO position due to the sex scandal he has been involved with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, General David Petraeus reveals that Fox News’ Ailes would have wanted him to run for the presidential elections. Petraeus, however, rejected the offer claiming that his wife would disagree with his decision. “My wife would divorce me,” the ex-CIA director stated.

Mr Ailes, who is a strong supporter of the Republican Party, has always considered Petraeus for the helm of the United States. “I thought the Republican field needed to be shaken up and Petraeus might be a good candidate,” he explained during an interview with reporters at Washington Post. In fact, the entire editorial staff working at the Fox News had strong feelings of love and admiration for Petraeus.

The fact that Petraeus had served in Afghanistan could have worked as a big advantage for him, according to reporters at Fox News. Many considered the General a respected war hero, so he could have easily defeated Obama during the last month’s election. Critics even suggested that Obama hurried to name him director of CIA because he was afraid of his competition.

McFarland and Petraeus had a 90-minute conversation that was recorded and later on, presented to Woodward. The Pentagon adviser to the Reagan administration insisted on convincing Petraeus to run for Presidency. When he was confronted in relation to his recorded declaration, McFarland tried to deny everything by implying that it was all a joke. “It’s someone’s fantasy to make me a kingmaker. It’s not my job,” he replied.

Petraeus is now working to repair his marriage after being caught red-handed with biographer Paula Broadwell. The ex-CIA director and his wife preferred to work their issues out instead of getting a divorce.



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