Fox Chooses Megyn Kelly For Convention

After working as a reporter for the Democratic and Republican meetings four years ago, Fox News Channel chose Megyn Kelly as a co-anchor during this year’s convention. The host of “America Live” will team up with Bret Baier for this year’s gatherings, according to Reuters.

Megyn Kelly’s presence in television has proved benefic for the show that she has been hosting, namely, “America Live”. She managed to increase ratings for news due to her interesting reports including the interview with Jon Stewart, an old nemesis. Fox could not ignore Kelly’s popularity, so they chose her as a co-anchor for this year’s conventions hoping that she and Bret Baier will draw large audiences.

Statistics show, in fact that Megyn Kelly’s GOP convention could be the most viewed this year. This is not something new to FOX as the channel outrated ABC, CBS and NBC in 2004 and 2008. Kelly, too, is certain that the broadcast will attract many viewers because her outside-the-Beltway status makes a nice contrast with Bret Baier. She further added that she will do her best to live up to Fox News boss Roger Ailes, who trusted her with such a big role. Roger Ailes, unlike other television executives, doesn’t think male anchors should receive bigger authority and Kelly is grateful for that.

Kelly used to work as a Washington insider at the beginning of her career. She dealt with bankruptcy, anti-trust and contract cases during the nine years she worked as a lawyer. While many people might be tempted to think that being a lawyer is a dream job, Kelly realized that she could no longer waste her 30s in an office. Thus, she obtained a job at ABC’s Washington affiliate and continued to move up the ladder becoming the successful television woman we now know.

Michael Clemente, Fox’s senior vice president for news told the press that they chose Kelly for the 2012 GOP convention because she has the key ingredients that a person needs in order to make it in television. She always sticks to the point by asking the most direct questions, without making her guests feel uncomfortable, Clemente added.


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