Four TCU football players arrested in drug bust

After six months of investigation and undercover missions, the Fort Worth Police Department has managed to arrest four TCU football players in a drug bust involving 17 students. The operation was planned with the help of the TCU Campus Police who have been struggling to prevent drug consumption among their students.  

The coach of the Texas Christian University team was very disappointed by the news that four of his players were arrested. Defensive lineman D.J. Yendry, linebacker Tanner Brock, offensive tackle Tyler Horn and defensive back Devin Johnson are the footballers who have been removed from the rooster that was displayed on the website of the school.

Gary Patterson told reporters that he regrets being a head coach even though it is one of the most envied jobs. The news reached him on Wednesday morning and he was shocked to see some of his best players in handcuffs. Patterson further added that he managed to get over his initial amazement and disappointment and now he is mad because the four players betrayed the university.

Patterson is determined to use any means he has to prevent drug and drug use while he takes care of the TCU football team. As a result, he will not tolerate students who might evince suspicious behavior. This way, the coach will be able to observe the TCU program which is respected on a national level for its strong ethics. In addition, he will protect young people’s lives which are more important than anything else.

Reporters at USA Today have also managed to discuss with TCU police chief Steve McGee to find out more about drug bust. According to McGee, the four players were caught while selling marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs together with 17 other students.

Victor Boschini, who works as a school chancellor at TCU, explained reporters that police officers in the campus have worked with the Fort Worth Police Department to put an end or at least diminish drug consumption in their school. Boschini claims this measure was necessary because they have the obligation to ensure a safe environment for students who come to study at their university.

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