Fotonica Game Released

Fotonica features a great accompanying music and a good minimalist retro style. For keeping the game interesting it has both endless and multiplayer modes. For 2.99 dollars, Fotonica is an endless running game, which is considered to be as popular as the hit Temple Run franchise. But, in Fotonica, players will have the goal to complete each level with precisely timed jumps and landings on the fast moving walkways. The game is not similar with Temple Run, where players must outrun an imminent threat.

The thing is that Fotonica is different from the rest of the runners, as each particular level is made up of a series on lines that will quickly transform into surroundings as a new section approaches. Probably, this feature is very similar to a racing scene that we have seen in “Tron” movies. The electronic music that accompanies the player during the game is very catchy and complements well with the game theme.

Talking a little about controls and gameplay, the first time when someone launches the app will get a brief tutorial showing how to play the game. Controlling the game is very simple, as the user must touch the screen to run and lift his finger to jump. This is a one-button control system, making it easy to play, while waiting the bus or standing in line. In Arcade mode, the game features a series of eight levels and the goal of each level is to cross the finish line.

To be mentioned that the game is not very simple, because if the player perfectly times each jump and landing, game character will speed up. At high speed, the whole scene will light up a golden color, adding the feeling of going super-fast. With one mistake on timing, everything returns to normal. The game also features a Versus mode, which is great because users can compete with a friend sitting across the table. The game will split the screen in half, presenting the same world for the run and the first person to mistime his jump will lose the game.

Fotonica enters into that game category that makes you angry, but which you can’t quit playing.

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