Forrester’s Forecast: Windows 8 Won’t Be Largely Adopted By Enterprises

The market research company Forrester has published a new forecast in relation to the evolution of Microsoft’s touch-based software, Windows 8. Based on the gathered statistical data, Forrester sees very small chances for Windows 8 to be largely adopted by enterprises in the following years.

Forrester has come to confirm previous reports written by analysts and market researchers in relation to Microsoft’s Windows 8. Neither analysts, nor customers were pleased by the software launched by the American company, even though it was meant to be one of the biggest upgrades since 1995. Moreover, the market researchers think enterprises will continue to show very little interest in Windows 8 as the majority of them still prefer its predecessor, Windows 7.

The recent market analysis that the company has performed shows that less than 50 percent workplaces will have adopted Windows 8 by the time the new upgrade is released. Forrester analyst David Johnson wrote in his article that Microsoft had greater expectations for their new software. Unfortunately, companies have only recently made the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 and they are not willing to invest time and resources in another change that could slow down the company’s production.

Only 26 percent respondents that took part in the survey performed by Forrester declared that they are currently using a device running on Windows 8. 60 percent are using Windows 7, whereas Windows XP has a 38 percent share. Forrester did not put the blame entirely on Microsoft’s software as there are many factors that have contributed to the program’s lack of popularity, in his opinion. However, the majority of the companies think Windows 8 does not bring a major improvement over Windows 7, so the transition is not necessary at the moment. In addition, IT specialists are afraid that the new software will not be compatible with the more traditional technology and that the costs will be too big for what the program has to offer.

An update is programmed by the end of June, according to Microsoft’s recent declaration. The company claims the changes will be able to solve all the glitches that customers have complained about, but Forrester is still not convinced that this move will be enough to determine customers to adopt Windows 8.

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