Former “Price Is Right” Model Sues Show And Wins

A former “Price Is Right” model, Brandi Cochran, 41, sued the show because the producers discriminated her during pregnancy and won the case. The ex-model will be awarded $777,000, according to a recent report published by the Associated Press.

Judges agreed on Tuesday that Brandi Cochran was entitled to sue her former employers over discriminatory behavior. The former model of the well-known show “Price is Right” claims she has been aggrieved by the producers of the show when they tried to prevent her from returning to work after taking maternity leave in 2010.

Based on the evidence provided by Cochran’s legal representatives, the judges established that the pregnancy was the only reason behind producers’ decision to reject her. As a consequence, she received $776,944 in the suit against FremantleMedia North America and The Price is Right Productions.

The two companies tried to justify their behavior by pretending they could not afford to hire another model in addition to the five ones they already had at the time when Cochran was trying to make a comeback. Despite this, the jury is determined to take a closer look at the case and establish whether the woman should receive additional compensation for the damages she has suffered. Her lawyers have requested $8 million, but the sum could be negotiated at a later date.

FremantleMedia is not willing to give up the battle so easily. The company’s reps told the press that they will make an appeal in court if the verdict is not in conformity with their expectations. Moreover, the media enterprise will continue to sustain executive producer Mike Richards and the show’s staff because they believe their behavior towards Brandi Cochran has been more than fair.

According to FremantleMedia, the process was flawed because the jury was influenced by Cochran. The company reminded everyone that they have worked with many other models and 40 percent of them have been pregnant. If the jury had taken this aspect and other “important evidence” into consideration, the verdict would have been totally different, in FremantleMedia’s opinion.

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