Former „News of the World” reporter was found dead

Sean Hoare, the former reporter of „News of the World” and also the first journalist of the media empire that admitted that the former Deputy Editor of the tabloid, Andy Coulson, knew about the illegal interception that the journalists made, was found dead. Sean Hoare worked at „The Sun” and „News of the World” with Coulson before he was dismissed for his huge problems with an alcohol addiction and drugs.

He was found in his house in Watford, Great Britain, dead. The Police officers from Hertfordshire didn’t confirmed the man’s identity, but the journalist’s sources says that indeed the dead man from that address is the former reporter of „News of the World”, Sean Hoare.

The police officers confirmed in an official statement that at that address there is a dead man. They said that at 10.40 A.M (London time) the officers were called at Langley Road, Watford, because it appears that there were some questions about a man’s state that lived somewhere on that street.

After the police arrived and the medical team, there was discovered the body of a dead man and in a short while the doctors confirmed the death, according to “The Guardian”.

In the statement, the police is adding that the death is not a suspect one, but the investigation just started and after there will be some conclusions, the Police will make public the investigation’s result.

Hoare made for the first time the revelations for „New York Times”, the paper that had an examination on this subject and had several new things published about the illegal interceptions from „News of the World”.

Sean Hoare said at that time that Andy Coulson not only that he knew all along about these illegal practice, but he also encouraged the journalists to intercept the personal phone calls in order to have the exclusive news from the celebrities, political figures or even regular people that were involved in scandals that appeared on the first pages of the newspapers.

After this statement, Hoare declared for BBC that his editor from the time that he worked at „News of the World”, Coulson, asked him personally to intercept some private phone calls.

Last week, he said also for „New York Times” that the „News of the World” reporters used for interception the police technology in order to localize some persons from the mobile phone’s signal, in exchange of some amounts that were given to some of the police officers.

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