Former League Pitcher Pascual Perez Stabbed In Dominican

The former league pitcher Pascual Perez was found dead in his home in the Dominican Republic on Thursday. Police officers were called at the ex-Yankee’s residence and the first analyses indicate that Perez was stabbed during an act of robbery, the Associated Press reports.

Pascual Perez, who last played with the New York Yankees during the 1991 majors, was found dead on Thursday, in his home near the capital of Santo Domingo. According to Joel Valdemiro, one of the prosecutors involved in the case, the death of the former league pitcher might have been caused by a severe head wound. As the evidence suggests, the killer broke into the baseball player’s house in order to look for money.

At the time when police officers arrived at the scene, there was no one left in the house except for Perez’s lifeless body. Prosecutors did not reveal whether they have any suspects in the case, but they are, nevertheless, convinced that the crime was committed by more than just one assailant. Valdemiro described the death as “as an act of criminality”, but he has many reasons to believe the crime had been premeditated.  

The first to discover Perez’s body was his wife, Maritza Montero, who arrived at home around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. Investigators estimate that the demise of the ex-Yankee occurred eight hours before his wife found him, but the coroner’s report will give them more information about the murder. Perez’s brother, Carlos, spoke with the press and confirmed that the man who was found dead in the San Gregrorio de Nigua residence was, indeed, his brother.

Pascual Perez’s baseball career spanned over 11 seasons, but it was most of the time marked by unfortunate events. The pitcher was suspended two times because of drug use and suffered various injuries on the field. Despite this, he managed to compile a lifetime record of 67-68 with the Braves, Pirates, Expos and Yankees.

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