Former Destiny’s Child member Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Destiney’s Child fans surely remember former member of the group, Farrah Franklin. Farrah was recently arrested for disorderly conduct, in South Carolina, in the proximity of Myrtle Beach. 

Reports reveal that Farrah Franklin was taken into custody by the cops and brought to the Horry County jail. This happened on Sunday morning, before 5 a.m. The famous singer was charged with disorderly conduct. What happened to lead to the arrest of the star? Well, it seems that Farrah Franklin was arrested as the police found her resting on the front yard of a random person. 

Reports reveal that Farrah Franklin told the cops that all she wanted was to rest in the woods, trying to sleep there. Farrah was so drunk that she actually had no idea where she was. The star was released from custody soon after the arrest. 

So, it has been reported that Farrah was partying at a nearby house, when she started screaming and slamming the doors. She was later found by the cops on the lawn. A $280 bond was set for the star and Farrah was released from custody several hours later. No other details linked to this arrest have been released at this point. 

Farrah Franklin joined Destiney’s Child back in 2000. The singer replaced two original members of the group, alongside Michelle Williams. However, she did not remain too long in this group, leaving Destiny’s Child a few months later. After that, the three left members of the band became highly successful in their solo career. This includes names such as Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles. 

No other details have been revealed at this point regarding the arrest, so it is yet to discover if Farrah will be charged. Apparently, the former Destiney’s Child star is dealing with some issues and this led to this arrest, too. Farrah told the cops that she had taken no drugs, although the police claimed that she was highly intoxicated.

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