Former Assistant Is Suing Courtney Love For Despicable Conduct

So, there you have it: Courtney Love sucks at being a boss. At least that’s what her former assistant’s court filing against the singer reads. The ex-assistant is suing Courtney Love for “despicable conduct” and being “evil”. It looks like Courtney Love is not that “Pretty on the Inside”.

E! News obtained the court filing of a lawsuit filed against Courtney Love. The singer’s former assistant, Jessica Labrie complained about her people skills. Apparently during the year Labrie was hired as an administrative assistant and “forensic research aide”, Courtney Love “acted with an improper and evil motive amounting to malice or despicable conduct”.

Labrie said she was hired in June 10 by Courtney Love for $30 an hour. But as thrilling as the idea of working for such a celebrity was in the beginning, Labrie got to learn the hard way how difficult celebrities actually are. At least some of them. Soon, Labrie reached the conclusion she had to seek legal actions to convince the singer to pay her what she owed her.

When Labrie was forced to call it quits, Courtney Love owed her over $2,000. On June 11, 2011, apparently Courtney Love promised her former assistant she’d pay “the wages and expenses owed”. However, soon after the promise, “Sam Lufti, one of Love Cobain’s new business management employees, told plaintiff that her disbursements were too frequent and that she would have to wait”.

On June 27, 2011, Labrie faxed her resignation. Zoe Brooks, the singer’s new assistant, was asked to have a talk with her, and try “negotiate plaintiff’s agreed-upon and earned wages and incurred expenses”.
Labrie writes in the lawsuit papers about some of the tasks Courtney Love had her do while she was in her services. Apparently, Love asked Labrie to go look for a hacker, which the former assistant refused to do because “hacking is illegal”. She was also asked to “send fake legal correspondence”.

Courtney Love’s former assistant also adds the singer promised to help pay her scholarship to Yale University. But that didn’t happen, says Labrie. Instead she often had to work over 60 hours per week, without bonuses, extra hours paid or even reimbursed business trips.

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