Ford to Recall over 160,000 Focus STS and Escapes

2014 has not been a great year for Ford. In fact, the famous car maker has announced the recall of quite an impressive number of vehicles.  

Only on Friday, Ford announced no less than 4 separate recalls. This included one large recall, as well as three small ones. The large recall included over 160,000 vehicles, Ford Focus STs and Escape models from 2013 to 2014. The three other recalls were not that impressive, involving only about 1500 cars. 

Ford announced a new recall for the Ford Escape model, which will be the 11th time when the company decides to call in this car model for various problems. So, it seems that this is a really problematic car model created by Ford. Well, some new reports reveal that the wiring problem might have actually affected Ford Focus cars, as well. 

The wiring issue is said to have an effect on the performance of the engine, which means that it can cause the engine to stall. According to Ford, fortunately there were no injuries or other similar issues linked to the problem. So, this means that Ford was able to take action against this issue before severe problems were experienced by car owners. 

The other recall that Ford announced regards Ford Transits that were built in 2015. These vehicles have been recalled in a case linked to a potential leak of fluid liquids. And that is not all. Ford also announced to be recalling Cargo Vans under the same models due to some issues linked to sliding doors. However, for this particular problem the number of cars that Ford will recall is quite small, including only 600 vehicles. The third small recall announced by Ford now includes Lincoln MKC crossovers. Ford will call in for repairs these cars linked to some issues with the Wind Shields. 

It seems that Ford is quite determined to make sure that the owners of its vehicles are as safe as possible. This is why the famous car maker has announced all these separate recalls for all these different issues.

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