Ford to Recall 83,250 Vehicles

Ford decided to recall a number of 83,250 vehicles. The famous company announced that the recall is linked to a faulty part which could cause the cars to lose power or roll away when they are parked. 

In this recall there are included vehicles that were created between 2012 and 2014. These cars include Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles, but also Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT, Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS cars. According to Ford, there are no injuries or accidents linked to this defect. 

The famous car marker revealed that repairs will start at the end of August. Ford will announce all car owners who have vehicles that need to be repaired. Naturally, the repairs will be made free of costs. Car owners should not worry, as Ford will do all needed for their safety. 

It surely is really obvious that numerous car makers are recalling their vehicles. Are so many cars having such severe problems that car makers find themselves in the situation of issuing recalls? Or maybe car makers are afraid that their vehicles are not safe enough for drivers and this will lead to serious accidents and injuries. 

Maybe all car makers have learned from the experience of General Motors. GM has actually made a change on the market of automobile selling. The famous and popular car maker has recalled millions of cars linked to the ignition switches problem, but not only. In fact, GM has announced a series of recalls this year, the company claiming to be extremely interested in the safety of its cars. 

General Motors has also received a record fine for not recalling its cars on time. Probably, car makers have learned a little something from this experience. So, General Motors was accused of knowing about the ignition switches problem, but failing to solve it has fast as possible.

No less than 13 deaths and a series of accidents have been caused by this issue. It has been claimed that General Motors knew about this problem for more than 10 years, but was never interested in solving it. The current CEO of GM blamed the former management of the company for this situation. 

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