Ford to Recall 65,000 Fusion Cars

Ford just announced the recall of no less than 65,000 Fusion cars in America. Apparently, these vehicles have an issue with the ignition keys, which can be removed if the transmission is not in park, due to a software problem. 

In the new recall there are included vehicles from 2014 and 2015 model years. It seems that it is focused on gas-electric hybrids. Ford claimed that they just traced the defect. The famous company also revealed that this issue in its cars increases the risk of the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly. 

According to Ford, there are no injuries and no accidents linked to the issue, at least until now. Naturally, the recall will be conducted by the famous car maker and will suppose no costs for car owners. Ford also revealed that about 55,000 of the vehicles recalled now are in the United States, while the rest are located in Canada and Mexico. The car maker will announce owners the details of the recall. 

However, this might not be the only recall for Ford now. The popular company might also have to recall a number of vehicles linked to the defect in Takata airbags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just announced that a number of car makers, among which is Ford, will have to recall a series of vehicles featuring these airbags. 

The airbags made by Takata come with a defect that might cause them to explode in the event of an accident, spreading metal parts in the car and potentially injuring passengers. Naturally, this is a severe safety concern, so there is no wonder that US regulators made such a decision. It has been revealed that Ford already found out about this decision and will comply. 

Ford has issued a response, claiming that they will cooperate with the safety agency to make sure that its vehicles are 100 percent safe. However, it is yet to discover how many Ford cars will be recalled and which models will be affected by this new recall linked to the defect in Takata airbags.

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