Ford Focus gets on top in 2010

Fiat is reversing Square Business and rooms that were 0.64% share to 9.38 euros after a minimum opening share 9.07 euros. Yesterday I presented the numbers for the first quarter of Chrysler (revenues to 9.7 billion and trading profit of 0.1 billion already anticipated in the presentation of April 21) that point to revenues in line / with slightly below target in 2010 (40 – 45 billion).
But profitability is higher than the target to U.S. $ 0,000,000,000 to 0.2000000000, much will depend also based on the raw material in the second half. The target market share of 10% is confirmed even if it is crucial to profitability. Also targets this year will be reviewed during the third quarter of 2010. “We believe this is partly caused by the fact that the 14 new models will reach 10 in the fourth quarter,” analysts speculate Equita sim (Buy and price target to 15 euros on Fiat confirmed).
As for the timing of the IPI home in Detroit, if things continue so the times may be anticipated, reasonably in the second half of the first half of 2011. The main focus is to enable trade unions reduce UAW / monetize their share of 67.7%, which will fall to 55% with the occurrence of the three conditions that will allow Fiat to increase from 20% to 35%.
However, the IPO will also depend on market conditions and in this sense the group is also ready to use debt financing to repay the government. “We believe that the trend in the first quarter is hardly indicative of the trend on the year especially at the level of cash generation and industrial level is likely an upward revision of estimates,” say analysts Intermonte rated the 35% of Chrysler 3.2 billion euros or 2.54 euros per share to a ratio EV / Sales 36% (15% premium over Ford) and an EV / EBIT of 9 times 2011 (60% premium over Ford ).
Intermonte still maintains neutral rating and price target to 12 euros to Fiat, the same court, however, that UBS has a price target to 11 euros, including EUR 1 per share at the Lingotto in Chrysler, “the action of the Torino is to 0.35 times the 2010 earnings and 6.5 times EBITDA and Coretta then evaluated at these levels, “UBS said that the confrence call yesterday welcomed the clarification on the position of Chrysler debt amounted to 11.4 billion dollars, “$ 2 billion under our sime 2009/2011, but three times the level previously published by the company.

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