Ford Ends Partnership with Microsoft to work with BlackBerry

Ford has recently made an important decision for its future development. The company decided to end its partnership with Microsoft and start working for its tech systems with BlackBerry. 

The reason why Ford chose to drop its collaboration with Microsoft has been linked by many reports to the fact that Microsoft has in fact turned out disappointing the company. 

Ford first released its SYNC system in a deal with Microsoft, but almost immediately after that, numerous other companies released similar systems, only better. Naturally, Ford was not happy with this. Moreover, it seems that the system itself experienced numerous problems. 

There is no wonder after all that the famous car manufacturer is ready to drop this collaboration for a deal with BlackBerry. Why BlackBerry is another question that raises in this context. 

Numerous people seem to wonder why Ford thought about this company, which is still trying to make a presence on the mobile phone market. However, even though BlackBerry might be struggling to become once again popular on the smartphone market, it seems that the company is doing fine working at the systems found in some of the most popular cars. 

The mobile phone company provides infotainment systems for BMW, Audi and Porsche. And these systems are actually receiving really good reviews. This made many analysts claim that moving to BlackBerry actually is a good choice for Ford, even though the vehicle manufacturer should have made this move much sooner. 

While Ford is believed to win with this change and become more competitive in the car technology market, it surely represents a shock for Microsoft, which will most likely exit the in-car technology world. Microsoft has turned out being unable to compete on this market, numerous other companies delivering better systems compared to what they can offer. 

Until now, none of the two companies made any statements regarding the reports revealing that they are going to part. Ford made no official announcements, so the car maker did not confirm that they plan on dropping the partnership with Microsoft or on signing a new deal with BlackBerry. So, it is yet to see if these rumors will be confirmed after all. The rumors were first launched by Bloomberg.

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