For the italians bank drafts are round

The Euro is falling vertically. Against the dollar worth so little that a penthouse in Manhattan jumped to $ 300, said Scajola alarmed. According to Moody’s downgrade Greek banks in relation to sovereign debt and strengthen the rule USDA jpy and determines the investor flight to other assets. And if that statement would be entirely meaningless Moody’s is ready to fall back on: “The assets of banks enhances the downgrade and investors detrmine drain of U.S. dollars to other Greeks.” O: ‘Venus in Capricorn threatens the Euro. Moody’s is rating the agency had predicted that the holding of Lehman Brothers. After the collapse of investment bank, the managing director of Moody’s, Raymond McDaniel, was justified by saying, “Sorry, I had no glasses.” An excuse is so pathetic that was rejected even by lawyers Scajola. Bank of Italy considers that the weather agency’s ratings are not reliable. In its report, Moody’s, in fact, says that the crisis could spread to Italy, but also that it will be the next prime minister Rutelli.
The Italians observe trends in bags with a mixture of mistrust and disbelief with which Roberto Calderoli looks a Kandinsky. The 99.9 percent of Italians do not understand the financial speculation because it can not spend money that does not have: most Italians think that the cashier is round. Meanwhile, sticking close to Berlusconi names investigations for corruption: Former Minister Lunardi, coordinator Verdini. Politicians involved in the investigation of the PDL are so many that the magistrates are in the course also send a notice of the Audi A8 and the premier guitar Apicella: they were also doing business with Anemone. Berlusconi has complained that this is a plot of magistracy, but after six hours denied. Satisfied Switzerland: Berlusconi’s denials are so precise that we synchronize our watches.

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