Flying Cyrus: the Successful Flappy Bird that Hit App Store charts

While many fans still suffer because the original Flappy Bird was removed from app stores, it seems that some clones are becoming very successful. The Flying Cyrus game is a huge hit, the new game being downloaded more than 644,000 times in just 24 hours this week. 

In the last few weeks, numerous Flappy Bird clones have reached app stores, some of them even becoming really successful. One of these clones is the Flying Cyrus game, which people seem to love. 

Of course, the game is inspired by Miley Cyrus and her infamous tongue, game that is available for download in Apple’s App Store. 

Earlier, reports indicated that both Apple and Google are refusing the apps that contain the word Flappy in their name, because of the numerous clones that have been created by developers following the removal of Flappy Bird from app stores. 

Well, while many thought that no one will ever download this game, they were surely wrong. The Flying Cyrus actually is the most successful app in the App Store, at the moment.

The developer of the game was extremely happy with the success of his app. In fact, he claimed that while Flying Cyrus registered over 600,000 downloads in just one day, it now hit the number of 1 million. 

The developer said according to The Guardian that the idea to create this game came from a friend, while his inspiration has been Miley’s Wrecking Ball video. He also added that he invested nothing in marketing of the game, so people just loved the idea. 

Naturally, there is no deal between Miley Cyrus and the developer of the game to use her image. So, most likely we will not have to wait for long until the team of the famous singer will take action.

However, many seem to believe that it will be more profitable for Miley to have a partnership with the developer of the game than to ask for the app to be removed. 

Users seem to be absolutely thrilled with the new game, which is described as really enjoyable. Well, if people like it, maybe Miley should not feel offended. 

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