Flavor Flav Arrested For Threatening To Kill Fiancee’s Son

Looks like Flavor Flav just isn’t family material after all. Flavor Flav was arrested for threatening to kill fiancee’s son. During the argument, the entertainer also attacked his fiancée and girlfriend for eight years.

Entertainer Flavor Flav got himself in a hairy mess this week after an argument he had with his fiancée and her son at their home in Las Vegas. The 53-year-old retired rapper was arrested after he chased with knives and threatened to kill the 17-year-old teenager. Girlfriend Elizabeth Trujillo was thrown twice to the floor.

At about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday night, Flavor Flav was arrested. Police set up a $23,000 bail for the 53-year-old retired rapper but he still spent time in jail. He faces a maximum of six years behind bars if prosecutors prove the charges of assault with a deadly weapon and of domestic violence.

Flavor Flav’s girlfriend and fiancée, Elizabeth Trujillo told police officers that the whole argument started over infidelity. She said the entertainer grabbed her and threw her to the floor, during which her earring was ripped out of her ear.

At that time, her 17-year-old son intervened to help her and wrestled with the 53-year-old former rapper until Flavor Flav began chasing him while holding two large knives. The 17-year-old teenager told the police that he ran to his sister’s bedroom with Flavor Flav chasing him with the knives threatening to kill him.

This isn’t the first time Flavor Flav got in trouble with the law. His criminal record includes several arrests, and whereas most are due to traffic infractions he did spend four months in jail for attacking his girlfriend in 1991 and shooting at a neighbor in 1993.

Although he hasn’t released a new song in years, Flavor Flav made several reality TV series appearances. “The Surreal Life”, “Strange Love” and “Flavor of Love” saw their share of Flavor Flav’s oversized chest clock. The rapper’s quest for love even led to other spin-offs, such as “I Love New York” and “I Love Money”.

The rapper even has several recipes named after him in restaurants in Las Vegas, Clinton and Iowa.

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