Flappy Bird Might Be Back

Since the moment of its release, Flappy Bird has enjoyed quite a great popularity. In fact, its fame was so great that its creator could not handle it. Now, Dong Nguyen said that Flappy Bird might be coming back. 

Millions of people were crazy about Flappy Bird. In fact, the game reached no less than 10 million downloads in just 22 hours. So many people played the game that its creator Dong Nguyen decided to remove his Flappy Bird from app stores. 

Actually, he removed the game from app stores in just one day notice via Twitter. The creator claimed that his game is too addictive and this is the reason why he redraw it. When the announcement was made people were extremely disappointed, Dong Nguyen even receiving death threats to keep the game on. 

Moreover, devices that had the Flappy Bird app installed started to be sold at impressive sums, people just searching for the app to be able to play their favorite game. The creator of Flappy Bird said that he is happy now, saying in an interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine that the choice he made to pull Flappy Bird from the market was actually for himself and his mental health. 

In the same interview, Nguyen said that he knows people who are extremely addicted to this game and who just play this game constantly, without realizing that they are actually addicted to it. The addiction can go so far that they found themselves in the situation of even losing their jobs. 

In his interview, Dong Nguyen went on to say that at the moment when he started to develop this game he had in mind games such as Super Mario Bros and GameBoy. When he created Flappy Bird, Nguyen wanted to recreate a simple to play game that people would enjoy when they want to relax. But, the game turned out being rather addictive. 

When being asked if he is going to work at a rebirth of this game, Dong Nguyen said that he actually is considering this. When it comes to his opinion about the numerous clones of Flappy Bird that exist now, Dong Nguyen said that anyone may launch a clone of the game, as it is really simple, but they can never make another Flappy Bird.

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