Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Banned From Schools

After banning large sodas in New York City, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos could be prohibited from various schools in the United States. The decision was adopted by several school districts in California and New Mexico because teachers claim the snacks do not have any nutritional value and they could cause health problems to children, according to CBS News.  

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos could soon be banned by various schools in America after a health teacher from Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School in Albuquerque, N.M. sent a note home telling parents they should no longer give snacks to children. The teacher argued that the snack had poor nutritional value, so it cannot replace a healthy meal. Moreover, students share germs among them as they eat from each other’s bags and in the end, they leave red fingerprints on chairs and desks.

Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School in Albuquerque, N.M. is not the only institution adopting a similar measure against the famous snacks. Several other schools in California and New Mexico think they should ban the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from their institutions, whereas some professors in Illinois communicated they no longer sell the product in their school. When asked to justify their decision, all the principles replied that the snacks are not healthy and they have no nutritional value.

Illinois’ Rockford School District interim superintendent Robert Willis told reporters that they will no longer sell junk food because they do not want to contribute to children’s obesity. If students choose to bring Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from their homes, it is their choice, Willis concluded.

It is not only the bad nutritional values that worry teachers, but also their addictive nature. According to a recent report published by the Chicago Tribune, “hyperpalatable foods”, that is, salty, sweet or fatty trigger the same brain response in individuals as illegal substances. The results of the study worry professors who are looking for new techniques to determine children to give up junk food in favor of healthy one.

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