Five rules to stay fit during winter holidays

We all tend to become a little bit more indulgent with our weight around the winter season. Most of the time, traditional food affects our diets and we end up with a few more pounds on our bodies. This is “Biggest Loser” John Rhode’s greatest fear according to Los Angeles Times. The former contestant is afraid that he is going to relapse into food addiction now that the show is over. Dietician Felicia Stoler shares with you five rules to stay fit during winter holidays.

1. The most important rule to maintain your weight is to “eat to live” not the other way around. Most people make the mistake of living for the pleasure of eating, but Stoler says people don’t need to eat big portions of food in order to live. On the other hand, there is no need to starve or avoid traditional food to lose weight; you can eat everything as long as you don’t exaggerate.

2. Get support. Make your family and friends understand that you are now a changed person. Instead of adapting to their old habits, you must convince them to adapt to your new lifestyle.

3. Keep in mind that you have come a long way. It was a difficult battle and yet you succeeded. There is no point in sacrificing what you have now for a portion of junk food.

4. Find new friends besides the old ones. It always helps to have someone around you whom you can share your problems with. Stoler recommends people who have been on a diet to seek professional help from specialized groups like the Weight Watchers or a psychologist, whatever works better for you.

5. Self-discipline yourself. It is alright if you eat a little bit of chocolate or you drink beer once in a while, just don’t make this the first step to spiraling out of control. Punishing yourself will not work, either because you will feel more stressed which consequently leads to a strong sensation of hunger. The best thing to do is to promise yourself that the next day you will not do the same mistake and keep your word.

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