Five new things about iPhone

Whenever a new version of Apple iPhone on the market today, must be measured to the rest of the industry on it. So also in this year in which the Apple touchscreen phone in its fourth version of a new screen, a new design, an instant camera and a donated body part in the integrated antenna. A revolution is not yet a successful evolution.

In particular, the extremely high resolution display so many potential has lured that Apple was able to show off proudly sold within the first three days after launch to have more than 1.7 million iPhones 4th And still the waiting lists are long. Who ordered the beginning of July, a new Apple phone has to wait at least four weeks to the delivery.

But the iPhone also needs to plug in four ample criticism. Examples are, the problems with the widely varying received signal strength, many complain about the original owner of the Apple iPhone. Moreover, difficulties are reported with the proximity sensor that will shut off the screen when you lead the mobile phone to your ear.

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