First Sailfish-based Smartphone To Be Released By Jolla

Looks like my Christmas wish has finally come true as the dominions of established operating systems like Android and iOS are threatened by the arrival of new free software. The first Sailfish-based smartphone has been announced on Monday by Jolla, a company founded by a former Nokia employee, PC World informs.

Jolla was born when the former Nokia employees, Sami Pienimäki, Jussi Hurmola, Marc Dillon, Stefano Mosconi decided to part ways with the famous Finnish mobile maker to continue the development work that they have started with MeeGo OS. The company is but a small fish in the infinite ocean of the smartphone market, but their new device could help raise market shares. The phone that the company revealed at the beginning of the week is the first to feature the Sailfish software that they have developed until now.

The smartphone has promising technical specifications, being powered by a dual core processor and featuring a 4.5-inch screen. The model comes with an 8-megapixel camera and 16GB storage capacity which can be expanded with the help of an SD card. Jolla developers are not new to the 4G technology, either; therefore, they have made their first Sailfish-based phone compatible with the new wireless communication technology.

The technical specs are not the only ones that matter, according to the Finnish startup producer; it is the Sailfish operating system, which has been provided with sufficient features to convince customers to take distance from competing platforms and opt for theirs instead. Jolla developers have intuited that smartphone users are looking for operating systems that can be enriched with as many apps as possible, so they have made Sailfish compatible with all Android apps, in addition to the ones that were purposefully designed for this operating system.

Jolla is not the only startup company that it’s trying to make it big on the smartphone market. Firefox OS, Ubuntu and Tizen have also revealed their intentions to launch their first smartphones this year. Despite their good intentions, the prices that these companies practice represent major setbacks; Jolla plans to sell the Sailfish-based smartphone for €399 (US$510), EU taxes included.


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