First photo of “Dark Shadows” revealed

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed the first photo of the revived 60s soap opera, “Dark Shadows”. Johnny Depp who plays the main role, that of vampire Barnabas Collins, confesses that he obsessed about the original series since he was a child.












The cast of the revived 1960s TV series “Dark Shadows” has been presented in a first photo. The creepy look of the Collins vampire family freaked out Depp’s fans and made the original soap opera fans complain that he looks too weird. The new movie kept the “aged-little boy look” of Jonathan Frid, the actor who played Barnabas in the original series.

Depp admits that he had this desire of making this movie for years now. He remembers how as a boy, when the school classes were over, he would come straight home so he won’t miss the adventures of Barnabas Collins. “Even then, at that age, I knew — this has got to be weird”. If we look back, Johnny Depp’s acting career is abundant in “weird” characters. Back in the early 90s, he played Edward Scissorhands, an artificial man created by an old inventor, who falls in love with a human (Wynona Ryder).  In 1995, Depp is Don Juan De Marco, a young beautiful gentle man who ends up in an institution because he states he is the real Don Juan. Four years later, he embodies Ichabod Crane, the popular character in the story of the “Sleepy Hollow”. Needless to say how weird it is to be hunted down by a horse rider without a head. In 2005, Johnny Depp becomes Willy Wonka, the weirdest chocolate factory owner, and in 2009 he is Sweeny Todd, the bloody barber. We can also remember the lunatic Mad Hatter he played in 2010’s “Alice In Wonderland”. And let’s not forget the original and twisted Captain Jack Sparrow!

This being said, it’s no wonder Depp was so attracted to the character of Barnabas Collins.
The movie is directed by Tim Burton, who has previously worked with Depp on several other projects, and is also a “Dark Shadows” fanatic.

“Dark Shadows” is set to be released in the United States on May 11, 2012.

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  1. Finally, they bring DARK SHADOWS to the screen!!! I already love the cast and director!!!! Way to go…Johnny Depp/Tim Burton…Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green…Michelle Pfieffer…Chloe Moritz!!!!! Can’t wait for the movie

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