First Muslim Superhero In “Green Lantern”

DC Comics will add the first Muslim superhero in their comic series, “Green Lantern”. The change was enacted as a means to expand the company’s range of characters, according to the Associated Press.

Given the recent modifications that have occurred within the public of comic strips, DC Comics has decided to introduce another character that could be more appealing to readers. The first Muslim superhero named Simon Baz will make his debut in a special issue of “Green Lantern” which is due to be released in November 2012.

Baz is an Arab-American DC Comics character who has gained enough visibility lately to determine writer and creative officers to decorate him with a “Green Lantern” ring. The creator of the character has Lebanese ancestry, which is why he was interested in giving life to Simon Baz. The new superhero will reside in Detroit because it is the area with the biggest Arab community in the United States. Despite his connection with the American nation, Simon Baz will never abandon his Lebanese culture.

Geoff Johns told the press that he wanted to create a new superhero and didn’t know where to get the inspiration from. As a result, he thought about his own past and decided to use all the information for the creation of a new superhero. He confessed that the story is very personal, so readers will be able to get to know the author with the help of Baz.

There is, however, another reason why Johns wanted to introduce Simon baz in the well-known comic series. He is convinced that the Arab heritage of the superhero will help Americans deal with some of the Muslim stereotypes that were formed after the 9/11 attack.

The “Green Lantern” series are very open to diversity as there are many types of characters, including men, women and aliens. As a matter of fact, an alternative universe “Green Lantern” was introduced at the beginning of the year as the first gay superhero. 

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