First Look At “Star Wars 1313” Game

Although the game hasn’t been launched yet, LucasArts enabled players to get a first look at “Star Wars 1313”. According to EW, the program is totally different than the previous ones as it promises to take players to a criminal underground placed below the surface of planet Coruscant.

Experienced players are familiar with most games; therefore, companies need to come up with new products to maintain their customers’ interest. LucasArts claims they have created a totally different game than what consumers have seen so far. Their “Star Wars 1313” is expected to make gamers cling to their computers thanks to the “never-before-seen dark and mature world” of planet Coruscant.

The action of the game is set at Level 1313, a subterranean city of Coruscant, hence, the name of the game. Spokespersons did not reveal many details about the game, except for the fact that it will be a third-person perspective action title allowing players to play the part of a bounty hunter crossing the Coruscant city. The company has collaborated with Industrial Light & Magic to create the effects of the game.

The game will be revealed during this year’s E3, so producers refused to make too many declarations about the new product. They didn’t mention anything about the target platform, either even though analysts think “Star Wars 1313” might have a lot in common with “Star Wars: The Force Unleased”. Both games were produced by the same lead staff which is why they are both third-person action titles.

Gamers are curious to see what will happen with “Star Wars: Battlefront III”. The game was initially produced by Free Radical, but the company was shut down. Crytek UK is the new name of the developer who is busy producing new titles. Their most recent project is the military shooter “Homefront 2”, but its release date hasn’t been communicated yet.

Developers think the game “Star Wars 1313” is going to be much more appreciated than the movie that inspired its name. Its success could be partially due to the M rating that the game received, according to analysts.

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