First Impressions After Nintendo Wii U Launch

Nintendo has finally released a new gaming console, Wii U, after being absent on the market for six years. Its competitors have continuously released new products making customers forget they once used to have a Nintendo console, the Associated Press reports.

The Wii U console that was launched this Sunday by Nintendo has aroused the curiosity of most game aficionados. The manufacturer is aware that they’ve waited a little bit too long before launching their latest product, but they guarantee it was worth the waiting. The new Wii U console was designed to meet the preferences of the companies’ old audience, as well as the hardcore gamers who lose track of time in front of their game consoles.

Nintendo’s mission is much more difficult now as it used to be six years ago. The company has to convince customers that its products have a lot to offer; that they can do just as much as tablets and smartphones and hopefully, even more. The targeted audience for Wii U knows no age boundaries, according to the declaration of Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America. He claims the console will appeal to any type of customer aged 5 to 95.

Analysts remain skeptical in relation to Nintendo’s new console. They claim the U.S. video game market has been through a major downfall in the past years as people became more interested in Facebook games and smartphone applications. To be more precise, the U.S. video games sales barely amounted to $755.5 million last month, whereas in October 2007, the figure stood to $1.1 billion. The following period could, nevertheless, register an increase as customers may acquire the new console for the holiday season.

When it comes to 2013 reports, analysts are convinced that the surge will peter out. They ground their belief on the fact that people are no longer interested in video games. Nintendo, on the other hand, claims their new product has a lot to offer. The “asymmetrical game play” gives players the possibility to go through different experiences depending on the controller they are using, be it the tablet-like GamePad or the traditional Wii remote.

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