First American Woman In Space, Sally Ride, Passed Away

The first American woman to travel in space, Sally Ride, passed away on Monday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 61, according to a press release issued by the Sally Ride Science Website.

Sally Ride was a role model for many women who worked or would have liked to work in a science-related field. Unfortunately, she was declared dead on Monday after complications caused by pancreatic cancer. Even though she was only 61 years old when she passed away, Sally Ride lived her life to the fullest as she was the first American woman to travel in space.

The passing was announced by the members of the Sally Ride Science Website who issued a press release on Tuesday. They confirmed that the woman died peacefully on July 23. Her battle with pancreatic cancer lasted for more than 17 months, but her family and friends did their best to alleviate her pain. The statement wrote that Sally Ride was a powerful and intelligent woman with a fearless approach in life.

President Barack Obama wrote a statement in loving memory of the first American woman who travelled in space. He declared that both he and his wife, Michelle were saddened to hear about Sally Ride’s death because she was “a national hero and a powerful role model”. Many young women were inspired by Sally to follow their dreams and to dedicate their lives to science. In addition, she encouraged young talents by getting involved in many school projects.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden wanted to say a few words about Sally Ride, as well. He told the press that Sally changed “the face of America’s space programs”. Unlike the other astronauts, Sally Ride was full of grace and professionalism. She was chosen because she was the right person for what NASA needed back then. The Administration wanted to introduce the “mission specialist”, a highly-trained and educated astronaut with charming personality.

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