Fireman Killer Wrote Chilling Note Before Attack

William Spengler, the fireman who killed two fire fighters in a Lake Ontario ambush on Tuesday, wrote a chilling note before the attack. Police officers have stated that the murderer intended to set the entire neighbourhood on fire and kill as many people as possible, Huffington Post reports.

Gerald L. Pickering, the police chief in Webster, told the press that new evidence was discovered in the case of the 62-year-old gunman called William Spengler. According to him, the gunman left a typewritten note announcing his criminal intentions. Spengler planned to burn down great part of the city and do what he likes best, that is, “killing people”. Great part of the writing was unintelligible, but there are some portions that will most likely be used as evidence.

Fire fighters received a call on Tuesday to put out a car fire and a special unit was sent in the area. When they arrived at the scene, the fire fighters discovered that the burning house and car were, in fact, an ambush. The gunman attacked them; four men were injured and two others were killed in the volley of bullets.

Investigators spent several hours looking for the killer. They eventually found his lifeless body near the beach. According to the police report, Spengler committed suicide by shooting himself to the head. Chief Pickering declared that the gunman used a semi-automatic rifle to kill the fire fighters, but two other weapons might have been involved, as well. Based on the analysis of the recovered bullets, the gun was a .223 Bushmaster rifle, the same weapon that was used in the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.

William Spengler had the profile of a criminal. He was imprisoned in 1981 for bludgeoning his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer and was released in 1998. He was on parole until 2006, but the Webster police claim his conduct had been irreproachable in the past years.

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