Fire Strikes At Tyler Perry Studios

The Associated Press reports that the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta caught fire on Tuesday and more than 100 firefighters had to interfere to put the fire down. An investigation is currently carried out in order to determine what might have caused the blaze.

The fire department in Atlanta received a phone call on Tuesday night to report to the Tyler Perry Studios because the 60-acre complex was on fire. It took a lot of energy to stop the four-alarm flames from affecting other parts of the building, but firefighters managed to do it. None of the employees of the studio has been injured in the fire even though the building has been severely damaged. The costs of the damages haven’t been established yet.

Tyler Perry received numerous encouraging messages from his fans as soon as the fire news was made public. Authorities have already started to investigate the scene in order to determine who or what might have caused the incident. Reps stated that the fire was not as dangerous as it was initially believed. In fact, the 4-alarm was reduced to level 3 because the 4th alarm was not necessary.

Tyler Perry started his studio in 2006, but moved to the current location in Atlanta in 2008. The complex hosts numerous buildings and facilities that have been spread across the 200,000-square-foot site. The manager of the studio built five soundstages, a theater, a post-production facility and a back lot. Some facilities, like the chapel, the pond and the gym are meant for relaxation and they could be used by people working in the studios.

Tyler Perry was at the scene when the fire started and remained there until the firefighters completed their mission. So far, he hasn’t released any official statement, but the media expects him to provide an explanation as soon as the investigation is over.

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  1. I would like to extend my deepest regrets to Mr. Perry. I love u and am PROBABLY your biggest fan. Would love to meet u one day. I live in Union City,Ga. Always remember: what Satan meant for your harm, the LORD means it for your GOOD. The Lord sits high and looks low. He knows who is responsible. Give and let GOD!

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