Roku 3 Review: Improved interface and faster chip

Roku is willing to introduce a new model of streaming player, namely, Roku 3 which is available for $99 starting on March 5th. Judging by the information provided by the manufacturer, the new version of digital media receiver is much better than the previous models due to its improved interface and its faster chip.

We’ve always compared Roku to Apple TV because the two devices offer more or less the same services, but Roku’s affordable prices have convinced us to give it a try. Now that the company has released the third generation digital media receiver, which is more advanced than the second model, there could be many more customers willing to buy Roku 3 instead of Apple TV 3.

The interface is the first feature that won our hearts the very first moment we tested the streaming player. The new program is not only fast and easy to use, but it also allows the user to quickly browse through the available channels. The former models did not display more than five channels at a time, whereas now the handset displays nine channels as soon as the device is switched on. Moreover, the menu bar placed on the left represents an effective method of organizing the available channels.

Apart from the interface, Roku 3’s design is the next element that has been improved. The streaming player is slightly heavier than Roku 2XS for instance, but the rounded edges and the glossy finish give the impression that a lot of effort was made for the production of the digital media receiver.

Yet, it is not the design of the device that interests us the most as the main role of Roku 3 is to offer good streaming services. Roku users will be happy to hear that the functions of the device have been greatly improved since the last model due to the introduction of a faster chip. We have, in fact, noticed that cruising through the menu and loading apps has become a lot faster now than it used to be in the past. Despite this, the streaming player is still not compatible with some online channels, such as, YouTube, an issue which may not be resolved very soon.

Users will now have the possibility to privately listen to the shows that are being transmitted on the channels with the help of the new private listening mode. Analysts claim this feature is very good especially for users, who don’t want to disturb the other members of the family while they watch TV.

All in all, the new Roku 3 streaming player could soon turn a success on the market due to its advanced features, but most importantly, due to its accessible price. The device is currently on sale at Amazon for $99, but retail stores will commercialize it, too, starting in April.


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