Financial Act:the Council of Ministers will be held tomorrow

A financial maneuver of 24 billion euros. This will be the subject of discussion by the Council of Ministers tomorrow, and the People of Liberty will meet this evening at 19:30, to allow the economy minister, Giulio Tremonti, to disclose the plan he has in mind with his colleagues party.
Speaking by telephone transmission ‘Morning 5’, Undersecretary to the Presidency, Paolo Bonaiuti, confirmed that there will be no tax increases and that the Italian can rest easy.
Optimistic about the maneuver, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteoli, that the meeting in La Spezia on the new logistics system axis Tirreno-Brenner, said: “We are still talking about everything, but if the maneuver proposed by my department is the one I mentioned Minister Tremonti seems acceptable. The funds will be, although currently not quantifiable, as well as time. On the third rail crossing from Genoa to the Po valley we passed all that was possible approve.
Support the movement also comes from Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who from Monza, said: “At this moment we must give maximum support to the government to find resources necessary and urgent, I hope that the boldest possible to defend Italy from international markets, crisis and the risks. “

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