Filming for Fast & Furious to Start Next Month

Filming for Fast & Furious will actually start next month, as the cast will be heading to the city of Abu Dhabi. Following the death of Paul Walker, the production of the movie was ceased. 

In fact, it was not clear what producers planned on doing. However, it seems that the project will go on. A statement indicates that shooting for this movie will start in April in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. 

Filming was put on hold back in December, following the car crash that lead to the tragic death of Paul Walker. Before that, some filming was made in Abu Dhabi. Now, the cast that includes famous actors Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Chris Ludacris Bridges, will be heading to this city to continue filming. 

Vin Diesel seems to be quite anxious to continue working at this project. The star wrote in a Facebook post that the “transition into that Dom state of mind has always been an interesting one… only this time there is added purpose, a collective goal to make this the best one in the series.” “The long awaited completion of Seven, begins…,” the actor added. 

Reports indicate that the delay in filming came as the script had to be rewritten without the part of Paul Walker. It was claimed that Walker’s character will not be killed off in the movie, but Brian O’Conner will actually be retired, so he will get a happy ending. Some reports even indicated that the movie was about 50 percent completed when the famous actor passed away.  

So, scenes with Paul Walker will most likely be featured in Fast and Furious 7, as the producers have filmed some footage last year, before the terrible accident. This means that Fast and Furious 7 will be the last movie in which fans will be able to see Paul Walker. 

Initially, it was announced that the movie will be released on July 11 .However, the release date was later moved to April 10, 2015. So, fans have a little more than one year to wait until they will be able to see this incredible team in some new adventures. 

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