Film director Ken Russell passed away at 84

Associated Press reports that British film director Ken Russell passed away on Sunday, after several strokes. His son, Alex Verney-Elliott says that Russell died in a hospital. He was 84 years old.

Famous British film director Ken Russell passed away this Sunday, in the hospital, after a series of strokes. He is survived by his wife, Eliza Tribble, and his six children. Alex Verney-Elliott, his son, who was with him in his last moments, reveals that his father died smiling. “My father died peacefully. He died with a smile on his face”, Verney-Elliott said.
Born in 1927 in Southampton, Hampshire, England, Russell was best known for his pioneering work in the art of film and television. His controversial and sometimes taboo style attracted many critics, especially from the religious institutions, but it also helped him break-through a domain that was little explored at the time.
He is best known for directing Oscar-winning “Women in Love” in 1969, “The Devils” in 1971, “Who’s Tommy” in 1975 and “Altered States” in 1980.

Most of his movies were a screening of the lives of famous authors and composers. He also directed documentaries on famous people’s lives on BBC.

Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell was married four times. He first got married to designer Shirley Ann Kingdon, in 1956. They have five children together. Their marriage ended in 1978. Five years later he married Vivial Jolly, with whom he spent 8 years. Soon after their divorce, he got married for the third time, with actress Hetty Baynes. They have a child together. After seven years of marriage he split again and two years later married his fourth wife, Lisi Tribble.

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