Fifteen minutes of fame prophesied by Andy Warhol

The first page the first page and even the first page … it seems to become the terrifying obsession of all.
The fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol prophesied is now a “sweetener” are crumbs, crumbs negligible. No longer enough. It is not enough even to be in the pages of “deepening” it seems that “almost nobody” laws.
So away with the scoop and sensational events and sensational, the hype and exaggerations. The law of marketing is categorical: “No matter why, no matter how, the important thing is that if you talk to.” A rule without “proper” by all, one of those “unwritten”, “no taxes” yet systematically applied: a genuine commercial law regime ….
The world of classical music, sadly, is “adequate.” Lately the most acclaimed pianists and pianists are very specific: that, or have an “exotic”, or are much more “beautiful” in the “media” town. Model and fashion models at the piano: the covers of ‘cd’ now have closeups delicate, fascinating, gorgeous, oscillating between the romantic and fatal, with a few, reserved for the male to the “cursed”.
The image above everything, and now the music. Often they are musicians of great level, no doubt, but perhaps not the “best” and certainly not ‘unique’. How many of us know dear, musicians that define the “Series A limited edition”, yet the market fails to “see”. Or rather, has no interest in listening only …
Why hack a ‘cd’ is more or less like a scoreboard. You must have certain characteristics, physiognomic, precise, without any correspondence to the world of music …
An example of this new culture (general) where the sensitivity “visual” has now overcome the “hearing”, even in an environment “conducive” to the ear like music, has the scoop, the “moment” sensational that necessarily must participate in appointments of many young talents, inevitably. Even a young performer already acclaimed worldwide (and deservedly) as Lang Lang was able to “avoid”.
The young Chinese pianist, sounding almost “perfect” temperament whimsical and captivating musicality is (perhaps unwillingly) been “forced” to turn every concert into a “show”.
Latest idea is to have an encore run on a iPad suitably programmed to reproduce the sounds of the 88 piano keys.
Nothing wrong, you say, even fun. And who can deny it. But the ANSA news from which we took this article said something like: “The pianist has performed in San Francisco and its Ia-I was on a pad ….”

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