Fidel Castro at the Cuban Parliament, first in 4 years

The Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro warned Washington on Saturday the consequences of a nuclear war against Iran during his first speech to the Cuban Parliament since he ceded power four years ago.

Dressed in a khaki shirt, Fidel Castro, who will be 84 years next Friday, was welcomed into the room by loud applause and cheers from MPs, cabinet members and his brother and successor Raul, 79 years, according to pictures transmitted live on Cuban television. Known for its rivers of time speech of his presidency, Fidel Castro delivered a speech this time about ten minutes to discuss the danger that the standoff between the United States, Israel and Iran lead to nuclear war . He did not mention the situation in Cuba.

The United States President Barack Obama “because of his many duties, has not yet realized this, but his advisers have begun to recognize” the situation, said Fidel Castro, standing at the podium . It was the first time that the “Commander in Chief” was speaking live on television for the serious illness that forced him to cede the presidency July 31, 2006.

Castro multiplied public appearances

On July 26, the father of the Cuban Revolution, which remains the first secretary of the Communist Party, said he would seek to hold an extraordinary session of Parliament to warn against an impending nuclear war . In a note published last Wednesday in the local press, he issued a “call” for Barack Obama to beware of any military action against Iran, which is targeted by the major powers on its disputed nuclear program.

Since one month, Fidel Castro, who devoted himself during his convalescence at the writing of his “reflections” on the news in the press and his memoirs, made several public appearances to discuss the crisis with Iranian intellectuals, artists Cuban diplomats. Since his highly publicized return on the public stage, Fidel Castro has never discussed the situation on the communist island under the authority of his brother. He did not attend the ceremony of National Day or July 26, Aug. 1, at the regular meeting of Parliament, which usually meets twice a year, and addressed the serious socio-economic crisis in Cuba.

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