Fiat’s CEO Says Self-Driving Cars will be on the Road in 5 Years

If until now we were clueless on when the self-driving car will be out there on the roads, it seems that Fiat’s CEO decided to make everything clearer. The self-driving car might become available in sale in about five years. Fiat also revealed that it has strengthened its partnership with Google and will produce 100 Pacifica minivans at its Windsor plant. 

Well, the fact that Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne has been a great supporter of self-driving cars is absolutely no secret. Now, it seems that he also believes that they will become obsolete in the auto industry in the next five years. 

Furthermore, it may seem that Google is not the only company who plans on moving to that direction. We might say the same thing about other car manufacturers, who have already started to focus on the autonomous car industry and are developing technology to advance in this field. And Google has also stepped it up. Actually, the partnership between Google and Fiat aims to help Google advance with its self-driving project. 

An important thing worth to be mentioned in this context is that this actually is the first time when Google has decided to partner with an automaker with regards to its autonomous driving project. “It isn’t pie in the sky. People are talking about 20 years. I think we will have it in five years,” Marchionne said. 

And it seems that he would feel extremely safe in a self-driving car. Marchionne claimed he felt “absolutely safe” in a Google self-driving test car in California. He actually claimed that he was impressed with the vehicle, which seemed to be very safe. Well, there is one thing that Marchionne refused to talk about and that is the extent of his partnership with Google. 

Some reports have tried to guess how the deal between the two works and claimed that most likely Fiat is providing Google with the minivans, while the famous tech company will be installing sensors and advanced driverless features. A New York Times report went to say that Google and Fiat will actually form a joint engineering team. 

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