Few Paula Albums Sold in Australia

It seems that Robin Thicke’s latest album, Paula, was not such a great hit in Australia. Only a few copies were sold in this country. Actually, statistics reveal that less than 54 copies of the new album have been sold here, so far. 

So, Robin Thicke’s latest album failed to achieve the desired success. In fact, the sales were so disastrous that reports even indicated that they were close to the sales of the worst record of 2013. Will the newest release of the Blurred Lines singer become the worst record of 2014? Well, hopefully for the star, sales will to grow for this latest album in the near future. 

However, reports reveal that Paula sold only 530 copies in the UK, 550 in Canada and just 54 copies in Australia. In just one week, this album has become a very delicate subject for the singer. Most likely, the sales of this new album came as a shock for many, including the famous singer. This is without a doubt a notable decrease from the sales that the star registered last year with his album. 

The album was in fact expected to be a success, having under consideration that Blurred Lines was a huge hit. This track topped the charts in 14 countries and sold more than 15 million copies in the UK. The success of this track brought Robert Thicke to the spotlight and the star was even named “the most sexiest person of 2013,” by End Violence Against Women Coalition. 

Naturally, the new album Paula was, as imaged, named after Robin’s wife. The famous singer has shown with every occasion possible that he wants to get back together with his estranged wife. Apparently, Robin released this album to win Paula back. This is something that the singer has shown with each of his appearances. 

It seems that this desperate attempt of Robin Thicke might be the one to blame for the loss of interest from fans for this latest album. It is yet to find out if sales will become better for this new album in the following weeks or this will turn out being a failure for Robin Thicke.

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