Ferrari Receives $3.5 Million Fine

Famous car maker Ferrari has been slammed with a huge fine. The popular company received a $3.5 million fine by the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for missed reports. It seems that the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer failed to file the required quarterly reports. 

Fortune reported that these are early warning reports that Ferrari was not asked to submit until now, as it sold less than 5000 cars. Still, the decision was revised by the NHTSA, who claimed to receive these documents. However, the company failed to submit them. It seems that these reports also talked about three fatal accidents involving Ferrari cars in the three year period. 

According to the NHTSA, getting these report is vital, as this is the only way in which they can monitor the safety of drivers on the road. Naturally, all car makers should understand that safety is what comes first in each and every single case or situation. 

“The information included in early warning reports is an essential tool in tracking down dangerous defects in vehicles,” a press release from NHTSA indicated. “Early warning reports are like NHTSA’s radar, helping us to find unsafe vehicles and make sure they are fixed,” it added. “Companies that violate the law and fail to comply will be subject to comparable swift NHTSA enforcement action,” the statement concluded. 

All cars makers have the duty and the responsibility to notify the NHTSA in case they are aware of any defects in their cars. Regardless of their type, such defects can increase the risk of an accident and consequently the risk of injuries. 

The NHTSA claimed that all automakers will be held responsible in case they fail to submit the needed documentation and in case they fail to take action to keep drivers safe. Ferrari was not only ordered to pay fine. The popular company will also have to make sure that its staff members will be trained to learn how to properly file reports. 

Ferrari claimed that they will fully respect what NHTSA has dictated. “Ferrari has already begun implementation of new procedures to ensure full compliance in the future,” a statement from the company said. 

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