Federal Appeals Court Ruling Influences Apple vs. Samsung Battle

A federal appeals court ruling might deeply influence the legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Reports reveal that the court’s opinion might actually give additional time for testimony for both of these famous companies.

The opinion issued by the court on Friday might come to influence the schedule established in court for the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. Apple is asking no less than $2 billion from Samsung in the patent infringement trial it filled against the creator of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Well, the new ruling that might influence this trial was actually given in a separate case. Apple was also involved in a legal battle against Motorola, which was thrown out by a Chicago judge. It seems that a federal judge in Chicago decided to dismiss the claims, rejecting reports from experts of both companies regarding damages.

According to the court, Motorola Mobility was unable to block the sales of Apple. However, this is not the only legal battle between Apple and Motorola. Lawsuits between the two tech giants are on in both the United States and in Germany. However, despite Apple’s attempts to take a strike at Motorola, none of the two companies have managed to achieve that purpose.

Motorola Mobility says that Apple infringed three patents when it comes to the technology on which data transmission over phone and Wi-Fi networks are based. The court claimed that Apple did not infringe two of the claims brought in trial. Apparently, in case one of the two companies will win, they will be able to block the sales of the other.

Apple also claims that Samsung has copied certain aspects of Apple’s devices in their phones. The trial between Samsung and Apple started this month in a federal court in San Jose, in California. While additional testimonies are expected on this case next week, on Monday 28 April, the deliberations are expected to start immediately after. 


These two cases are extremely complicated and it actually seems that the legal battle will never end. While Apple claims infringement of many patents, Samsung and Motorola have their own claims, saying that Apple infringed some of their patents. What will happen is about to see. The companies declined to comment at this point. 

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