FDA Cuts Down Unapproved Pain Killers

The Associated Press reports that the Food and Drug Administration has decided to cut down unapproved pain killers containing oxycodone. These medicines were not sufficiently tested to determine whether they are safe for consumers’ health or not, so they will be removed from the market.

The Food and Drug Administration is making another change to prevent people from consuming unhealthy products. Their latest decision presupposes the removal of all unapproved pain killers because they contain a noxious substance called oxycodone.

Oxycodone is contained in many pain killers that were not yet reviewed by the federal organization. It is a powerful pain reliever implying too many negative consequences for its users. Scientists warn people that the inappropriate use of oxycodone-based drugs could lead to addiction, abuse and death; therefore, these products should be removed from the market.

Among the many medicines that will be reviewed in the following period is also Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin. The pain killer drew the attention of the FDA because there is no review to state that the product is safe. The decision of the administration has raised discontent among the companies that will undergo verification because they claim that other companies have been able to sell their pain relievers without FDA’s clearance.

Despite this, the Food and Drug Administration is determined to clean the market of inappropriate medicines. As a consequence, they gave companies a 45-day deadline to cease manufacturing all unapproved pain killers. Firms, who will not comply with their requests, will face product seizure and court proceedings, based on the statement released by FDA.

The decision of the Food and Drug Administration was well-received by many doctors because oxycodone and opioid pain killers are highly abused in America. They believe this will prevent people from abusing the said medicines. In addition, the pain relievers that will be available on the market will be less noxious for consumers.

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