FDA Approves Allergic Reactions Device That Talks

As experts have estimated, 2012 is not the best year for allergy sufferers. In fact, this allergy season is one of the longest. With that in mind two brothers suffering from allergies themselves managed to get FDA approval for an allergic reactions device that talks.

FDA approved earlier this week Auvi-Q, an allergic reactions device that talks. The drug-device combination is meant to provide emergency treatment in case of anaphylaxis as well as for life-threatening allergies. The allergic reactions devices uses audio and visual aids to help patients, caregivers and families understand how to administer an epinephrine injection.

Evan and Eric Edwards are the two brothers who came up with the idea of a device to walk you through saving an allergy patient’s life. Their company, called Intelliject, aims to deliver devices that can make life easier for patients and their families.

“Having FDA approval for Auvi-Q is a huge milestone for Intelliject. It is something that my brother and I have been working on since the company’s inception, and really over the course of the last 10 years” said Evan Edwards, vice president of product development at Intelliject.

Ron Gunn, vice president for drug development and regulatory affairs for the same company, explained the recent FDA approved allergic reactions device “actually speaks to you”. Moreover, “it will walk you through all the steps”.

Sanofi-Aventis received the license to manufacture and sell Auvi-Q as a prescription drug device in the United States market. “As a company committed to patient-centered care, our focus is on creating innovative solutions that make a difference in the lives of people” Sanofi’s president for North America said.

“Auvi-Q delivers on this by offering a state-of-the-art epinephrine auto-injector device that addresses the needs of patients at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions and their caregivers” said Anne Whitaker, Sanofi President in a statement.

Auvi-Q, the allergic reactions device that talks to you is “the first-and-only epinephrine auto-injector that talks users through each step of the injection process”. Sanofi Vice President Bryan Downey is confident that the recent FDA approval will make Auvi-Q accessible to “up to six million Americans at risk for anaphylaxis”.

The device comes in two different dosages, delivering 0.3mg epinephrine and 0.15 mg. It features audible and visual cues that walk the patient through a five-second automatic injection.

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