FBI Investigates Death Threat Addressed To Bristol Palin

It’s no breaking news that Bristol Palin has a lot of haters or that she receives death threats. However, the FBI is now investigating a death threat addressed to Bristol Palin while on the set of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Problems seem to be never ending for Sarah Palin’s controversial daughter. But in the end it’s not like Bristol Palin actually made any effort at all to make people love her. Last week, CBS received a suspicious package addressed to Bristol Palin, asking for her removal from the show, or else… Now, the FBI has launched an investigation into the death threat addressed to Bristol Palin.

Last Wednesday in West Hollywood, the CBS was opening a suspicious package addressed to “Dancing With The Stars”’ Bristol Palin. TMZ writes that the package had a note attached that read something like this: “This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show]”.

TMZ writes that “the FBI and the LAPD have launched a joint investigation into the suspicious package that was addressed to Bristol Palin”. TMZ reports that “both agencies are taking the package’s threat very seriously” and are looking for connections with the 2010 white powder scare, also addressed to Bristol Palin, while on “Dancing With The Stars”.

Law enforcement sources say that initial testing found that the package and thus the white powder inside were harmless. In fact, it was all very similar to the package Bristol Palin received back in 2010, when she was a finalist on “Dancing With The Stars”.

“People have such opinions about me. It’s like ‘I hate you, I want you dead and I want to shoot my TV’” said Bristol Palin about how some people perceive her. “I don’t read any of it” Bristol Palin explained of the many death threats she received this fall.

Last week, Bristol Palin and her partner managed to make it through to another round of “Dancing With The Stars”. “We do see the positive side of it” Bristol Palin explained of their performance getting low scores. “We did get voted even though we had the lowest scores. That speaks volumes compared to anyone hiding behind a cell phone tweeting about us” she added.

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