FBI Concludes Child Abuse Investigation against Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is definitely happy with these latest news. It has been revealed that the child abuse investigation against the famous actor has ended and luckily for Brad no charges have been filed. So, Brad is finally sure that there will be no consequences for him linked to the allegations of being verbally and physically abusive towards his children. 

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed the fact that no charges will be filed against the famous actor. The FBI’s announcement came after the Department of Child and Family Services also stated that it has cleared the star of wrongdoing in this case. Both the FBI and the Department of Child and Family Services investigated Brad Pitt following the so much debated flight incident involving the actor and his oldest son, Maddox. 

It has been claimed that the two got into a dispute on board of the plane as the famous family was returning to the US from France. Several reports indicated that this dispute also caused Angelina’s decision to file for divorce from Brad. The famous actress filed the divorce papers in a matter of a few days after this incident. She and Brad Pitt were married for two years before the official split, although they have been a couple for over 10 years. 

“In response to allegations made following a flight within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States which landed in Los Angeles carrying Mr. Brad Pitt and his children, the FBI has conducted a review of the circumstances and will not pursue further investigation,” the FBI stated. “No charges have been filed in this matter,” it concluded. 

Brad and Angelina have not talked about the FBI’s decision. However, after the Department of Child and Family Services decided not to pursue charges against Brad, a rep for Angelina claimed that the actress was relieved with this decision. It seems that the star wanted her ex-husband to be fine. Brad is currently seeking joint custody of his six children with Angelina. The actress is seeking sole physical custody of the kids. A final decision on the custody battle is yet to be reached. 

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